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HyperTankz is a fast paced 3D arcade styled single player hover tank fighting PC Game where you control one of four futuristic hover tanks in a non-stop battle against enemy gun towers, laser towers and tanks, while you search for and collect all of the flags to complete each level. You get the choice of playing one of four futuristic hover tanks, each with differing speed, weight, armour and damage strength.

HyperTankz Screenshots

HyperTankz consists of three general play themes, VALLEY, ICE & DESERT, and each of these themes has five arenas to play (four in each need to be unlocked) as well as a five part campaign level called The Bunker, that you must play from start to finish in one session to complete.

HyperTankz Game features:
  • Four futuristic HoverTankz
  • Unlocakbale arenas
  • Interesting campaign
  • Saving of global scores
HyperTankz System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista
1 GHz
512 MB RAM

Download HyperTankz PC Mini Game Full Version
Free Download Hyper Tankz PC Mini Game Full Version


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